Artist Statement

Contact info: Judi535@earthlink.net

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Statement of Intent
     I take the liberty of combining a variety of images and colors together to see what the outcome will be. My paintings are primarily based on instinct and mystery. I attempt to create an unexpected unity in my work. You will not always find the same stylistic approach in each piece.
     My paintings are tableaus of the late night unknown, ghost, and rituals. Each embodies cryptic images and mythological narratives. The energetic direct vertical strokes have a lurid supernatural glow. Paint immediately allows me to express with bold colors and energy. My brushstrokes create energetic patterns, gesture and movement. The colors also maintain energy because they reflect and bounce off one another.
     I begin working on art as a way to take an adventure to an unexpected place. Each piece becomes an expressive roadside scene. They are vivid emotional landscapes of an abandoned past in conjunction with an unforeseen future.

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Contact info: judi535@earthlink.net