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     I grew up in a 1970's suburbia neighborhood of Houston, Texas. Our house was filled with reproductions of paintings that were hung salon style. I would stare at the prints hanging in our house with an intense curiosity about art. My favorite painter was El Greco. As a child I attended art classes at The Houston Museum of Contemporary Art where the students made abstract art and learned about contemporary art trends.
     I often drew pictures of monsters and ghosts, loved to tell ghost stories, and liked anything that glowed in the dark. I feel that these interests have seeped into my aesthetic today.
     Originally I intended to study biology in college. My ceramics class sparked my interest in art. Ceramics inspired me to make abstract paintings with organic shapes and decorative patterns. I decided to take my first painting class in 1995. I also made expressionist figurative painting while the majority of the students made abstract minimalist work. My BFA in Fine Arts was completed at Texas State University in 1998. During the summer of 1998 I attended painting classes in Barcelona, Spain. My education continued in New York where I received my MFA at School of Visual arts in 2001.
     I continue to live and work in Brooklyn. I often paint scenery while thinking back to my memories of vast expansive Texas landscape and the uneasy feeling that anything could happen there. My work holds parts of my past while moving on to the future.

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Contact info: judi535@earthlink.net